Support & Additional Resources

The Advanced Guide

An advanced guide is also available, which contains information for users and administrators, as well as for developers and systems administrators. Please note that some features in the advanced guide are not available in Borealis.

Contacting Support

Reach out to your institutional support contact(s) from your institutional collection page by clicking “Contact” in the upper right part of the page (beside “Share”).

The header of an institutional collection page, with the <strong>Contact</strong> link highlighted.

Alternatively, in the root page of Borealis, there is a Contact link, which will send an email to all institutional support contacts, including for your institution.

The header of the Borealis search interface, with the <strong>Contact</strong> link highlighted.

As a third option, you can also complete the contact form by clicking on the Support link, which will send your query to Borealis technical support.

The menu bar, with the <strong>Support</strong> link highlighted.


For more information about the Borealis service, policies, and technology, review our policies.

  • Preservation Plan: The preservation plan outlines the objectives, roles and responsibilities, strategies, and actions for preserving the digital files uploaded by users and stored in the repository.
  • Privacy Statement: This privacy statement explains what data we collect through the use of Borealis, how this information is treated, and for what purpose.
  • Technology Infrastructure and Security Information: The Technology Infrastructure and Security Information document outlines general information, technical infrastructure, application security, and storage and backup details.
  • Terms of Use: The Terms of Use govern all use of the Borealis service.
  • Accessibility: The accessibility statement explains our commitment to providing barrier-free access to Borealis.

Resources from the Alliance

The Digital Research Alliance of Canada, the “Alliance” (formerly the Portage Network) has a variety of resources for  the Dataverse software, as well as other tools:

Dataverse Software
Other Tools & Platforms