OUR – OCUL Usage Rights Database

The OCUL Usage Rights (OUR) database allows schools to track key usage rights for electronic resources, and to display those rights to users. As implemented by the SPOT team for OCUL, the database contains verified records for OCUL, Knowledge Ontario, and CRKN licenses. In cases where a single license represents multiple products, additional records have been created for the purposes of clarity for end users (example: one ProQuest license for all ProQuest databases, but multiple records defined at the database level). In addition to the verified consortial licenses, each instance is also populated with unverified UBC license records. These records are provided as is, so that schools subscribing to the same products may use the UBC license as a starting point when entering their own license information.

OCUL Usage Rights Database includes an administration area for each instance, a public interface to the database, and a public and staff view of each record. At least one instance of the database is available per OCUL institution. For bilingual institutions, an additional instance is provided, while Francophone schools may request a French interface. The OCUL Usage Rights Database is an implementation of the UBC open source Mondo License Grinder database.