Scholars GeoPortal

What is Scholars GeoPortal?

A screenshot of the Geoportal interface

The Scholars GeoPortal is a hardware and software infrastructure that provides access to large scale geospatial datasets, as well as sophisticated search, discovery and analysis tools to make the data readily available to Ontario researchers. Resources include data licensed by Ontario academic libraries, such as land-based vector data (water, cultural features, etc.), census geography, and orthophotography.

Who should use Scholars GeoPortal?

Anyone who is affiliated with an Ontario university interested in using geospatial data for mapping or GIS analysis will find the GeoPortal a useful resource.

The portal has been created for the academic community for teaching and research, including educators, researchers, students, faculty, and staff. The geospatial data available from the portal can be downloaded and imported into Geographic Information System (GIS) software for mapping and analysis purposes. The portal provides many options for selecting data by location and feature type, as well as file type and projection. Mapping tools allow users to create map images “on the fly”.

The power of geographic information for teaching and learning is found in its multidisciplinary nature. From this perspective, we believe the GeoPortal will help enrich university curricula and broaden the appeal of geographic information across disciplines. The GeoPortal incorporates much of the functionality found in commercial mapping software and will help introduce GIS to new users. Ultimately, the portal allow access to geospatial datasets and tools for use both inside and outside the classroom, allowing for the embedding of spatial literacy concepts in the curriculum, and enriching the research process for all scholars.

Getting Started

Need more help?

For problems using the GeoPortal, email technical support.

Contact a person at your home institution from the list below for assistance with the GeoPortal, GIS, and data use.

Brock University:

Carleton University:

Lakehead University: Linda Mitchell or Debra Gold

Laurentian University: Tomasz Mrozewski

McMaster University: Jason Brodeur

Nipissing University: Tom Power

Queen’s University: Francine Berish

Ryerson University:

Trent University: Barbara Znamirowski or

University of Guelph: Jenny Marvin or

University of Ottawa: Sarah Simpkin or

University of Toronto: Marcel Fortin

University of Toronto Mississauga: Andrew Nicholson

University of Waterloo: Eva Dodsworth

University of Windsor:

Western University: Liz Sutherland

Wilfrid Laurier University: Peter Genzinger

York University: Rosa Orlandini