Keeping Up with COVID-19 Research on Scholars Portal Journals

At Scholars Portal, we add new research articles to the Scholars Portal Journals platform on a daily basis, and lately that includes an increasing number of articles related to COVID-19. Research on this topic is moving rapidly and dozens of new articles become available every day.

To help you stay up to date with COVID-related research, every morning at 10:30 we tweet a link to newly added articles about COVID on the Journals platform. You can follow us on Twitter to stay up to date, or view all alerts here:

We welcome retweets from this feed. You can also incorporate it into your research awareness services using the code available on github, or by embedding the collection using the Twitter publish code.

To see all COVID-Related articles on Scholars Portal Journals, please visit You can also sign up for weekly email alerts at that link by clicking on the “Create an email alert for this search query” button. Every Monday, you will receive an email with all COVID-related articles added to Scholars Portal Journals in the previous week. See more information about email alerts in our Journals guide.

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