March 2017: Women’s History, Gender Equality, and Feminist Thought

March 8th marks International Women’s Day, which recognizes women’s achievements and acknowledges the challenges they continue to face in the fight for gender equality. Explore the contributions women have made in Canada and around the world, learn more about the progress towards gender quality, and reflect on the barriers that remain to be broken through Scholars Portal’s services. For more information, visit the booksjournals, and <odesi> platforms.

Through feminist eyes: Essays on Canadian women's history Feminist history in Canada: New essays on women, gender, work, and nation Feminism in the news: Representations of the women's movement since the 1960s Along a river: The first French-Canadian women Indigenous women and feminism: Politics, activism, culture


Journal Articles


Voice of the People, 1st Edition Survey, 2006 [Canada]

This poll seeks the opinion of Canadians on economic, political, and social issues, including women and equal rights.

Source: <odesi>, via Léger Marketing

Violence Against Women Survey, 2012

This survey asks women across 28 EU members states about their experiences of various forms of violence, stalking, and sexual harassment, as well as the nature and consequences of the incidents.

Source: <odesi>, via the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights

International Social Survey Programme 1994 [Canada]: Family and Changing Gender Roles

This cross-national survey asked respondents to comment on various topics related to the family and changing gender roles, such as working parents, division of housework, management of household income, sexual advances in the workplace, and relationships.

Source: <odesi>, via the International Social Survey Programme


GenderStats is an electronic database of gender statistics that provides a one-stop source of statistics and indicators disaggregated by gender.

Source: <odesi> (ICPSR collection), via the World Bank Gender and Development Group