Social Science & Humanities Collections on Scholars Portal Books

This guide is intended as a starting point into some of the social science and humanities titles and series on the Scholars Portal Books platforms. The goal is to help those who typically use print monographs and therefore may not be familiar with the breadth and scope of some of our ebook collections.


  • Not every school subscribes to every collection, but we have mostly suggested collections with a large number of subscribing schools.
  • Where there are particular series, we have linked directly to them. Where there is more general coverage, we have linked to a general or keyword search, and encourage you to explore keyword and series in the right hand column.
  • All links here search “everything, including books you may not have access to.” You can change this to “Books I can read because my library owns them” from the search screen, but if you are at home, make sure you are using a proxy or VPN. If you’re not sure how to do that, try to access this title. Once you’ve logged in successfully, you can re-run any search in the same browser and your institution will be remembered.

Anthropology & archaeology

Publishers to try: Duke, Oxford, Springer (archaeology), Springer (anthropology), University of California Press (UPSO)

Notable series: Cambridge Studies in Social and Cultural Anthropology, Contributions to Global Historical Archaeology (Springer), Studies in Human Ecology and Adaptation (Springer), SpringerBriefs in Anthropology, SpringerBriefs in Archaeology, One World Archaeology (Routledge)

Commerce & finance

Publishers to try: Palgrave, Springer, Wiley, Edward Elgar

Notable series: Studies in banking and financial institutions (Palgrave), SpringerBriefs in Business, Management for Professionals (Springer), Contributions to Management Science (Springer), Routledge international studies in money and banking, Springer Finance


Notable series: National Bureau of Economic Research conference report (Chicago-UPSO, Chicago-Direct here),  Carleton Library series (MQUP), Palgrave Studies in Economic History (Springer), International political economy series (Springer), Routledge frontiers of political economy, SpringerBriefs in Economics, WIDER Studies in Development Economics (Oxford)


Publishers to try: Université du Québec, Oxford

Notable series: SpringerBriefs in Education (Springer),  Technical & Vocational Education (Springer)

Gender, family & sexuality studies

Publishers to try: Canadian University Presses, Duke, Palgrave, SAGE, APA

Notable series: Studies in gender and history (UTP), Studies in childhood and family in Canada (WLU), Palgrave studies in gender and education (Springer), Crossroads of Knowledge (Springer), Advances in gender research (Emerald), Genders and Sexualities in History (Palgrave/Springer), Understanding Families (SAGE)


Publishers to try: Springer, Oxford

Notable series: Carleton Library series (MQUP), Nature, history, society (UBC), Urban landscape perspectives (Springer), SpringerBriefs in Geography, The Urban Book Series (Springer), Routledge studies in human geography


Publishers to try: Brill, Routledge, Cambridge, Oxford, McGill-Queen’s University Press

Notable series: Brill’s Studies in Intellectual History (Brill); Studies in gender and history (UTP), Nature, history, society (UBC), Studies in cultural and intellectual history (Palgrave), Routledge revivals, Cambridge Studies in Medieval Life and Thought, Oxford Historical Monographs, Studies in the history of ideas (MQUP), Studies in the history of medicine, health and society (MQUP)

American history

Publishers to try: University of Chicago Press, Palgrave, Routledge, Oxford

Notable series: Historical studies of urban America (Chicago), American beginnings, 1500-1900 (Chicago), Studies in American popular history and culture (Routledge), Critical moments in American history (Routledge), Studies in African American history and culture (Routledge), American beginnings 1500-1900 (Chicago)

Canadian history

Publishers to try: Cambridge Oxford, UTP, MQUP, UBC, Laval

Notable series: Carleton Library series (MQUP), Studies in Canadian military history (UBC) McGill-Queen’s native and northern series

International relations

Publishers to try: Edward Elgar, Palgrave, Springer, Cambridge

Notable series: International political economy series (Palgrave), Cambridge studies in international relations, Routledge advances in international relations and global politics

Language and literature

Publishers to try: Duke, Palgrave, Routledge, Oxford, Cambridge

Notable series: Studies in book and print culture (UTP), Routledge classics, Routledge library editions, Cambridge studies in linguistics, ESL & applied linguistics (Routledge), Studies in English language (Cambridge), Literary criticism and theory (Routledge), Cambridge companions to literature, Studies in major literary authors (Routledge), Cambridge studies in Romanticism

Livres en français

Publishers to try: Université de Montréal, Presses de l’Université Laval, Presses de l’Université d’Ottawa, Presses de l’Université du Québec.

Notable series: Espace littéraire (Université de Montréal)

Canadian Literature

Publishers to try: University of Toronto Press, University of Ottawa Press, Wilfrid Laurier University Press, MQUP, Laval

Notable series: Hugh MacLennan poetry series (MQUP), Canadian literature collection (UOP), Laurier Poetry Series (WLU), The Robert Kroetsch Series (University of Alberta), Reappraisals (UOP), TransCanada Series (WLU)

American literature

Publishers to try: Cambridge, Routledge, Oxford, Duke

Notable series: Phoenix poets (Chicago), Cambridge studies in American literature and culture, New Americanists (Duke), Routledge transnational perspective on American literature, The American Novel (Cambridge)


Oxford (via CRKN)


Publishers to try: Oxford, Springer, Brill, Ontario Legislative Assembly collection, University of Toronto Press.

Notable series: Law and society series (UBC), Cambridge Studies in Law and Society, Cambridge Studies in International and Comparative Law, Ius Gentium: Comparative Perspectives on Law and Justice (Springer), Law and Philosophy Library (Springer), SpringerBriefs in Law


Library science

Publishers to try: Springer, Emerald

Notable series: Studies in book and print culture (UTP), Advances in librarianship (Emerald), Information Science and Knowledge Management (Springer), Routledge studies in library and information science

Media studies

Publishers to try: Palgrave, SAGE, Duke

Notable series: Film and media studies series (WLU), Palgrave Studies in Adaptation and Visual Culture, Palgrave Studies in Comics and Graphic Novels


Publishers to try: Oxford, Springer, Cambridge, Princeton

Notable series: Chicago studies in ethnomusicology (Chicago), Ashgate popular and folk music series (Routledge), SOAS musicology series (Routledge), Cambridge music handbooks


Publishers to try: University of Chicago Press, Brill, Cambridge

Notable series: Chicago studies in practices of meaning (Chicago), Studies in the history of ideas (MQUP), Studies in the history of medicine, health and society (MQUP), Philosophica (UOP), Cambridge studies in philosophy, Routledge studies in contemporary philosophy

Political science

Publishers to try: Edward Elgar, Palgrave, Routledge, Princeton University Press

Notable series: Chicago studies in American politics  (Chicago), Carleton Library series (MQUP), Queen’s policy studies series (MQUP), Governance series (UOP), Studies in European Union politics (Palgrave), Routledge frontiers of political economy, SpringerBriefs in political science, Routledge innovations in political theory, Cambridge Studies in comparative politics


Publishers to try: PsycBooks (APA), Routledge, Springer, Cambridge

Notable series: APA handbooks in psychology, Prentice-Hall psychology series, SpringerBriefs in Psychology, Psychology revivals, Routledge modular psychology, Studies in emotion and social interaction (Cambridge) Treatments that work (Oxford)

Race, ethnic & area studies

Publishers to try: Duke, Taylor & Francis, Oxford, Canadian University Presses

Notable series: Contemporary Chinese studies (UBC), Transcultural research (Springer), Routledge Jewish studies Series, Race and American culture (Oxford), Studies in African American history and culture (Routledge), Contemporary French and Francophone cultures, New Caribbean studies (Springer)

Indigenous studies

Publishers to try: Purich Publishing (UBC), Duke University Press (Latin & South America), University of Regina (language)

Notable series: Native and northern series (MQUP), Indigenous studies series (WLU), Indigenous peoples and politics (Routledge)

Religious studies

Publishers: Brill, Oxford, Cambridge, Princeton (UPSO)

Notable series: Studies and Texts (Pontifical Institute for Medieval Studies), Buddhism and modernity (Chicago), Studies on the texts of the Desert of Judah (Brill), Society for New Testament studies monograph series (Cambridge), Routledge studies in religion, Cambridge studies in Christian doctrine, McGill-Queen’s studies in the history of religion


Publishers to try: Routledge, Springer, Taylor & Francis

Notable series: Handbooks of sociology and social research (Springer) Routledge advances in sociology, Cambridge Cultural Social Studies, International library of sociology (Routledge),


Publishers to try: Springer, Wiley (direct)

Notable series:SpringerBriefs in Statistics, Springer Series in Statistics