Provincial, regional and municipal sources

Field Information Reports [Carding]

Microdata of field information reports conducted by the Toronto Police Service (carding) from 2008 to 2013. Includes date, time, year, age, gender, birth place, skin colour, date of birth, home city, and patrol zone. (find out more about the FIR)

  • Producer: Toronto Police Service
  • Geography: Toronto
  • Theme: Policing, racial profiling
  • Year(s) covered: 2008-2013


GSS 2014 – Victimization

Blocks of questions on discrimination, contact with police. Visible minority status, aboriginal identity. (find out more about the GSS 2014)

  • Producer: Statistics Canada
  • Geography: Province
  • Theme: Discrimination, Contact with Police
  • Year(s) covered: 2014


Ministry of Children and Youth Services expenditures for First Nations child protection (CP) youth at risk (CYR)

Child Protection Services for First Nations children with “reserve status” is provided in Ontario by both First Nations and non-First Nations Children’s Aid Societies (CAS). CAS operating expenditures include the costs of providing residential or non- residential services, individual and family counselling and program administration as approved in service plans. (find out more about the FNIGC)

  • Producer: Children, Community and Social Services. Government of Ontario.
  • Geography: Ontario
  • Theme/population: First Nations youth, Youth, Indigenous, Funding
  • Year(s) covered: 2007-2015

Ontario Human Rights Commission

The Ontario Human Rights Commission (OHRC) was established in the Canadian province of Ontario on March 29, 1961, to administer the Ontario Human Rights Code. The OHRC is an arm’s length agency of government accountable to the legislature through the Ministry of the Attorney General of Ontario. (find out more about the OHRC)

Ontario public library statistics

Self-reported data from approximatley 380 public libraries, First Nation public libraries and contracting organizations. (find out more about the OPL)

  • Producer: Heritage, Sport, Tourism and Culture Industries
  • Geography: Ontario
  • Theme/population: Culture, Library Services
  • Year(s) covered: 1999-2018


Ottawa police traffic stop data

Traffic stop records (find out more about the OPT)

  • Producer: City of Ottawa
  • Geography: Ottawa
  • Theme/population: Discrimination, Contact with Police
  • Year(s) covered: 2016


Provincial Diversity Project, 2014

The Provincial Diversity Project is a survey aimed at comparing public opinions realities across provinces on issues including attitudes toward ethnic diversity and immigration. Contains an oversample of visible minority Canadians stratified by province. (find out more about the PDP)

  • Producer: CORA
  • Geography: Provinces
  • Theme/population: Diversity, attitudes
  • Year(s) covered: 2014


Youth Opportunities Fund recipients (2013-2016)

Through the Ontario Youth Action Plan, the Youth Opportunities Fund was created to support community initiatives in priority and disadvantaged neighbourhoods across Ontario. Delivered through the Ontario Trillium Foundation, grantees were selected based on a number of criteria including: identified service gaps, alignment with Stepping Up: A Strategic Framework to Help Ontario’s Youth Succeed, and populations served (e.g., Aboriginal youth, racialized youth, LGBTTQ youth). This data describes the location, funding amount, timeline, organization / project name, youth population(s) served and a list of desired outcomes. (find out more about the YOFR)

  • Producer: Children, Community and Social Services. Government of Ontario.
  • Geography: Ontario
  • Theme/population: Youth, Diversity, Funding
  • Year(s) covered: 2013-2016