Policing and criminology sources

Field Information Reports [Carding]

Microdata of field information reports conducted by the Toronto Police Service (carding) from 2008 to 2013. Includes date, time, year, age, gender, birth place, skin colour, date of birth, home city, and patrol zone. (find out more about the TPS)

  • Producer: Toronto Police Service
  • Geography: Toronto
  • Population/theme: Policing, racial profiling
  • Year(s) covered: 2008-2013


Ottawa police traffic stop data

Traffic stop records. (find out more about the OPS)

  • Producer: City of Ottawa
  • Geography: Ottawa
  • Population/theme: Discrimination, Contact with Police
  • Year(s) covered: 2016


Uniform Crime Reporting Survey

Hate Crime data has been covered since 2004. Data about victims and accused since 2017 (find out more about the UCRS)

  • Producer: Statistics Canada
  • Geography: Canada, Province
  • Population/Theme: Incidence of crime in Canadian society and its characteristics.
  • Years covered: 2004–