Features of the Scholars Portal Journals Platform

Change Display Settings

Click the Display Settings button in the top navigation bar to open the display menu.

The display settings menu opens up above the top navigation bar.

From here you have the option to change the text size and style, the line height, the contrast, and more.

View Article Information

Clicking on the title of an article will bring you to the article details page, which includes more information about the article.

The article detail page displays information about the article, including abstract, download information, citations, and more.In addition to the publication details, a link to the PDF or other reading options, this page includes a count of how many other articles in Scholars Portal Journals have cited this article, the number of times this article has been downloaded from the platform, and the Altmetric Attention Score. You will also see the option to save citation. Click the dropdown to choose your citation style or export format.

The Save Citation dropdown menu lists different citation styles you can copy and paste, or the option to expor tthe citation to RefWorks or EndNote.

Below this, you will find the article’s abstract and keywords. You can click on a set of keywords to find related articles.

The Preservation Status button displays data about the long-term preservation of the article. Scholars Portal Journals is a Trustworthy Digital Repository, dedicated to making sure that this research is accessible for future generations of researchers.

The Report a Problem button will send an email directly to the Journals team at Scholars Portal. Please use it to report any problems you run into. If you’d like a response, leave your email address, and a member of the team will get back to you.

Below this, the DOI link lets you easily find this article on different sites, including the official publisher website and Open Access repositories.

Copy the permalink to easily come back to this article later.

Below this information, the Cited by section lists other articles in Scholars Portal Journals that cite this article.

"Cited by" lists articles that have cited this article.

The very bottom section, Related Articles, lists other articles with similar keywords.

Related articles are listed at the bottom of the article details page.

Save Articles

You can save articles to view later using the My Articles feature.

Click the plus sign next to an article to add it to your list.

There is a plus sign next to eveyr article that you can click to add it to your list.

You can click the “Articles” button on the top right corner to view, download, or email your list.

The My Articles page includes options to download, email, or clear your list of articles.

Please note that this feature uses cookies. If you use a different computer or browser, clear your cookies, or use software to block cookies, you won’t see the list when you return to the site later, so be sure to email it to yourself if you want to keep it!

Set up Email Alerts

Once you have performed a search in Scholars Portal Journals, you can enter your email address to create an alert.  You will then receive an email once a week with newly loaded articles meeting the search criteria, as well as options to pause or delete the alert.  You can set up as many email alerts as you need.

After you search the option to create an email alert will appear below the search box.

Click on the bell labeled “Create an email alert for this search query” and enter your email address to receive an email alert.

Find Open Access Content

Currently Scholars Portal Journals contains about 100 fully Open Access (OA) journals, and 165,000 OA articles between fully OA journals, delayed OA journals and hybrid OA journals.

OA articles are identified by a green “Open Access” badge.

Open Access articles are identified by a green "Open Access" badge.

Using the browse feature, you can browse through fully OA titles.

On the browse page you can brose by title, by subject, or for OA titles.

You can limit your search results to OA content only by checking the “Open Access Articles” button when searching.

Limit your search to Open Access articles using the checkbox below the search bar.

Search by ORCID iD

You can search for authors on Scholars Portal Journals by their ORCID identifier by simply entering the number into the search box and select “ORCID iD” from the dropdown menu.  The green iD icon appears by the names of authors associated with ORCID identifiers.  Clicking on the icon will take you to the author’s public ORCID record.

You can select ORCID from the search box drop-down.

You can be notified when a new article associated with an ORCID iD is loaded to Journals by creating an email alert based on an ORCID search.

ORCID is a not-for-profit organization that provides a unique identifier for authors to link their research production.  Find out more at: http://orcid.org/about/what-is-orcid/mission

ORCID information is provided to Scholars Portal by journal publishers.  Currently, only a small number of the over fifty million articles on Scholars Portal Journals are associated with ORCID iDs, but we expect to see this number grow as more researchers adopt this identifier and more publishers include it with their article-level metadata.

Linked Book Reviews

Over 17,000 book review articles on the Scholars Portal Journals platform link directly to the title being reviewed on Scholars Portal Books.

When you land on a book review on the Journals platform, and we have that book on the Books platform, you will see an icon of the book cover linking you to the full text.

Below the article information, the book cover links to the full text of the book being reviewed.

This feature is based on linked data technology using MarkLogic Semantics. This is the first step of a linked data project undertaken by Scholars Portal staff to build linkages across our content platforms for enhanced discovery.


You can click the Report a problem button on any article detail page, or at the bottom of the issue list on any journal page, to get in touch the the team at Scholars Portal.

You can also click the Contact button on the top navigation bar from anywhere on the site, or email us at journals@scholarsportal.info.

Please remember to leave an email address if you’d like a response! The team normally responds quickly during regular business hours.