Why won’t this PDF load?

Some browser plugins can interfere with PDF displays.

Please try either:

  • Opening the article in a different browser
  • Opening the article in an Incognito or Private window
  • Turning off all your plugins and trying again

If this does not work, or if you are getting a message that the file is corrupted, please let us know by using the Report a Problem button.

In the meantime, you can click the DOI link to see this article on the publisher’s website.

Why is there no PDF download button for this article?

We do not have the full text for all years of all journals on Scholars Portal. If we do not have the full text, you should see a grey button labelled “Publisher’s Site” which will take you to the full text on another website, or a grey button labelled “Find Full Text @ My Library” which will take you to a list of access options through your library.

The article/issue/year I’m looking for is missing. How can I find it?

Scholars Portal Journals relies on publishers to send us the content your library has purchased. That means we are sometimes one or two issues behind what the publisher has on their website, and we do not necessarily have the archives or the “early access” articles on our site. If you click the publisher’s name at the top of the journal’s homepage, you should be directed to the publisher’s website with all the content.

Sometimes, the publisher misses an issue or an article in the data they send us. In that case, please follow the same steps as above, but it is also very helpful if you use the Report a Problem button to let us know about the missing content—that way we can ask the publisher to send it to us.

In rare cases, an article may have been missed during the process of digitizing old journals that were published in print. If the article is missing on both our site and the publisher’s website, please report it to us and contact your library to ask about alternate access options.

I think this PDF is for the wrong article. How do I find the right one?

Sometimes publishers send us multiple articles in one big PDF file. Check the page numbers of the article you are looking for and see if you can find those pages in the PDF.

Sometimes publishers accidentally link the wrong PDF file to the article information they send us. If that is the case, please let us know so that we can request the correct PDF, and use the DOI link on the article details page to access the article from the publisher’s website.

In some cases, you might come across a title that looks like it’s for an article, but is actually a book review or an abstract of a conference session. In that case, searching for the authors’ names and keywords may help find other items that they have published on that subject.

The link I clicked from the library website took me to the wrong journal article. How do I find the right one?

The system that links from Omni and other library searches to the full text of the article is not perfect and sometimes mistakes happen.

Go back to the library search and check what journal your article is published in. If it is the same one you have landed on, use the search within this journal feature or browse by volume and issue to find the article you want. You may have landed on a response or correction to the original article, or another article within the same issue.

If you go back to the library search and find that your article is from a different journal than the one you landed on at Scholars Portal, there could be a bigger problem in the system. Please contact us and/or your library for more help. It is helpful to have the article title, author, journal title and year of publication on hand so we can help you find it as quickly as possible.