Using DuraCloud with the OLRC means that your data will be managed via the DuraCloud API, and therefore it will become part of the DuraCloud ecosystem. You have the option of having some or all of your data managed through DuraCloud. There is no additional cost to use DuraCloud.

The features of DuraCloud include:

  • DuraCloud API: The DuraCloud HTTP REST API supports all the standard API requests for reading/writing data to and from the OLRC.
  • Content Synchronization: DuraCloud can copy your content onto several different cloud storage providers and ensures that all copies are kept synchronized.
  • Health Reporting: DuraCloud performs regular bit-level integrity checks and health reports, which are available for download.
  • Content Transfer Tools: The DuraCloud Sync Tool makes it easier to continuously synchronize data from a local desktop or server to the OLRC.

It may initially appear clear that you should use DuraCloud, and in most cases we would agree, but it is worth noting these disadvantages:

  • Read-only Native APIs: Once ingested into DuraCloud, you will have read-only access to your objects using the Swift or S3 APIs, but can only write using the DuraCloud API.
  • It’s Slower: Because of all the background tasks that occur when writing to DuraCloud, it is necessarily slower.

User Accounts

DuraCloud has separate accounts from Horizon/Swift, so creating a user account in Horizon will not give a user access to DuraCloud, and vice-versa.

Accessing DuraCloud

DuraCloud has two locations to be aware of: the main interface where users can upload and manage your data, and the Management Console, where user accounts are managed.

DuraCloud Interface

The main DuraCloud interface is where you can go to see your spaces and data, upload data, and check the health of your data. The link to this interface is different for each school. We have typically been using the pattern “duracloud-schoolname.scholarsportal.info”. If you are unsure what your link is, please contact cloud@scholarsportal.info.

Management Console

The Management Console is where users can go to manage their account information, and if they have access, to create new user accounts, create and manage user groups, and manage permissions.

DuraCloud Sync Tool

The DuraCloud Sync Tool is a software package that you can install which enables automatic transfer between a server and DuraCloud. The Sync Tool can be set up to automatically sync folders, and can be run as a web-based browser application or a command-line tool.

More Information

To find out more about DuraCloud, check out the official documentation from Lyrasis.