Scholars Portal Books has a lot of content, and you may find you get too many results when searching “All Fields.” Try searching by title or subject. Make sure to put your boolean operators in caps:

Screenshot of the search interface, with boolean operators in all caps.

In general, combining “Subscribed Collections Only” with “Show only content I can access” brings up the most accurate results. This is now the default search setting if you are recognized as an OCUL user. If you limit to full text without being a recognized user, your results will be limited to open access books. Go here to log in before beginning a search.

Screenshot of the search interface limited to subscribed collections only and "show only content I can access."

You can also try limiting your search by subject. Most content on Scholars Portal is classified using the Library of Congress Subject Headings. This means that subject searches can be very powerful, but only if you know what terms to use. For example, searching “native americans” or “first nations” as a subject brings up no results. This is because the LOC uses the subject “Indians of North America.”

If you don’t know the right subject terms to use, try searching broadly, using “All Fields” rather than by Subject. Find a book relevant to your topic, and use its subject headings to formulate a new search:

Screenshot of a book with the topic ( partway down teh right-hand column) highlighted.

Starting out with a very specific subject heading may leave out useful results. In general, keep your subject headings broad, and then narrow down using facets on the right:

Screenshot of the facet options on the right hand side of the search result screens. Limit to a specific subject area, author, or series.

If you’ve found a title that you’d like to read, scroll down on its record page to see related books.

Other (related) titles listed at the bottom of the book detail page.