Scholars Portal Books contains over 600,000 volumes. About 200,000 works are in collections that OCUL schools subscribe to, while about 400,000 are open access or public domain titles that anyone can use.

The subscribed collections are a mixture of academic titles, textbooks, and government documents that OCUL schools subscribe to or purchase. Each school will have subscribed to different collections. Examples of subscribed collections include: Oxford University Press, Canadian Public Policy Collection, Pharmapress, or Wiley Books.


In general, users will find these books through their own library catalogue.

The Association of Canadian University Presses (ACUP) collection includes titles from fourteen Canadian academic presses made available to universities across Canada through an agreement between the Association of Canadian University Presses, eBOUND, Scholars Portal, and the Canadian Research Knowledge Network.

Many books in this collection are restricted to a single user at a time, and must be borrowed using Adobe Digital Editions or similar software to be read. Books with these restrictions are labeled with the phrase “Borrow this book,” rather than “Read this book,” seen elsewhere on the platform.


As with other subscribed collections, users will generally find these books through their own library catalogue.

Public domain works are available to browse and download by anyone. The majority of these are out-of-copyright works scanned by the Internet Archive Canada:


Anyone can search for these titles by selecting ‘Public Collections’ from the search menu.

Search screen collection dropdown limited to Public Collections Only.