Software for Borrowable Books

Borrowable e-books can be read on many different devices through dozens of applications besides the ones showcased here.

For a complete list of compatible devices and tools, see this list.

Read using a laptop or desktop computer

Adobe Digital Editions Logo

If you don’t already have a reading application downloaded, we recommend Adobe Digital Editions 3. Note that this is not the same product as Adobe Acrobart, a standard PDF reader.

Download Adobe Digital Editions here.

Due to privacy concernswe do not recommend the use of Adobe Digital Editions 4.

Using Adobe Digital Editions

After downloding Adobe Digital Editions and signing in with your AdobeID, you will be able to load and read ACS books. To view the details of any book, right-click it and choose ‘Item Info’:

A book is selected in the Adobe Digital Editions Library, with the "Item Info" option highlighted.

From this window you can view printing and copying restrictions. If you’re finished with a book, you can also return it from here:

From Item Info view of a book in Adobe Digital Editions, the Return button and printing restrictions are highlighted.

Read using a tablet or mobile device

Bluefire Reader Logo


If you don’t already have a reading application downloaded to your tablet, we recommend the Bluefire Reader. Note that while it also works on smaller mobile devices, the reading experience is not very good. Download here.


Using the Bluefire Reader

To view the details of any book, choose the ‘list’ display option, then select the arrow at the far right of the book:

Library view of Bluefire reader app

From the details page, you can see the date and time that the book is ‘due,’ or return the book if you’re finished with it.
Note that printing and copying limits displayed in the Bluefire reader are not accurate:

Item Info view in Bluefire Reader, with due date and return button highlighted. Note that printing restrictions in this view are not accurate.

Read using a dedicated eReader

Scholars Portal Books content can be loaded onto a Kobo or a Sony eReader using Adobe Digital Editions. You will need to download the book to your laptop or desktop computer, open it in Adobe Digital Editions, then add it to your device.

The Kindle requires the use of a proprietary book format, and it is not possible to load Scholars Portal Books content onto a Kindle.