Report on Accessible Media (ROAM)

About ROAM

ROAM, or the Report on Accessible Media, is a research study on accessible media delivery at Ontario universities. Commissioned by OCUL, the study aims to identify a range of service options available to Ontario’s university libraries to ensure fair and equitable access to video collections held at university libraries across the province.

The final report includes:

  • an environmental scan including current practices, legal framework and future trends
  • technology workflows and methodologies
  • questions and some answers for libraries about accessible media provision
  • options for libraries to provide accessible collections
  • a directory of commercial and crowd-sourced services specializing in accessible media production
  • best practices and suggested resources

Download ROAM

The document PDF is available for download in English on the OCUL website. French translation is coming shortly.

If you have any questions or comments about this document, please contact We encourage you to tweet about this report using the hashtag #OCULaccessibility.