Bag Metadata

Additional metadata can be added to Bags when you are creating them for transfer. This metadata is distinct from descriptive metadata – it acts, essentially, like an address on an envelope. It describes information from the sender about the contents of the Bag. 

When formatting Bag metadata, similar rules to descriptive metadata apply:

  • Tag names should have no spaces – use a dash instead of a space between multiple words
  • There should be no line breaks or non-UTF-8 characters in tag names or in the entries

A full description of Bag metadata options are available in the Bagit specification here. The following table gives the tag names, a definition, and example. 

Tag Name Definition Entry Example
Source-Organization The organization transferring the content. Great University Special Collections
Organization-Address The mailing address of the organization. 1234 Street Avenue, Oxford, ON K0G 1S0
Contact-Name The person at the source organization who is responsible for the content transfer. Miriam Smith
Contact-Phone International format telephone number of the person or position responsible. +1 676-555-5954
Contact-Email Fully qualified email address of the person or position responsible.
External-Description A brief explanation of the contents and provenance. Collection of photographs from the…
Bag-Size Size or approximate size of the bag being transferred, intended for human consumption. Auto-generated
Bagging-Date Date (YYYY-MM-DD) that the content was prepared for delivery. Auto-generated
Payload-Oxum The “octetstream sum” of the payload; a two-part number of the form “OctetCount.StreamCount”, where OctetCount is the total number of octets (8-bit bytes) across all payload file content, and StreamCount is the total number of payload files. Intended for machine consumption, and used by Archivematica to verify the Bag. Auto-generated
Bag-Group-Identifier A sender-supplied identifier for a set of bags. If this identifier follows a globally unique scheme, the receiver should make an effort to honor reference to it. photo_collection_id/title
Bag-Count The order of a bag within a set 1 of 5
Internal-Sender-Identifier An alternate sender-specific identifier for the content and/or bag Collection 1a
Internal-Sender-Description A sender-local description of the contents of the bag Uncompressed greyscale TIFFs created from microfilm…